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Machu Picchu

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  • Ok, let me start of by saying this: This is the most amazing site I have ever seen.It is a one of a kind place you can't find anywhere else in tye world. The views, history, ruins, and lush vegitation combine to make it a fabulous site. If you visit this, I would hike up to the Inca Bridge (that is, if you aren't scared of 2,000 ft of drop down cliffs.)But overall, it is a magical site that I will be returning to.
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  • absolutely amazing!
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  • Man mus es erlebt haben!!!
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  • Superbe
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  • Machu Pichu is wonderful!!!
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  • Machu Picchu, the lost city, is an amazing place to visit. The architecture of e.g. the temple of the sun and the sheer size of it is mind-blowing. It's best to visit Machu Picchu early in the morning. As tickets to Huayna Picchu (it offers a stunning view at the city) are limited to 400 a day, you should get the tickets first thing before exploring the city. The climb up the mountain is manageable by nearly anybody, but make sure you're not tired as the stairs require your full attention.
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  • Whosoever visiting Peru should not miss visiting Machu Pichu. It is the most wondrous archeological monument in South America. The valleys surrounding Machu Picchu are covered with damp green cloud forest. I also experienced climbing Wayna Picchu. The ruins of Machu Pichu are one of the most beautiful and enigmatic ancient sites in the world.
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  • new 7th wonder of the world ... it is AMAZING, love the place, love the energy
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