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  • Pike Place Market is a Seattle institution, as well as America's oldest farmers market. Fishmongers hurl fish over the customers heads, local artisans display their wares while musicians perform on all sorts of instruments. The warm buzz, and the great collection of international, and fresh local produce, make this an extremely charming place.
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  • Un petit truc sympa : apres avoir arpente les allees de Pike Place Market, descendre les escaliers du batiment principal pour gagner les quais et l'aquarium.
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  • Here's a locals tip to visiting the market:Avoid tourist crowds, go mid-week, or on days that it's raining. There are generally less people these days, it is easier to get around the market and the vendors are easier to chat with when they're not distracted by the throngs of people (and they DO like to talk!)Then when you're sufficiently cold, warm up with a nice hot lunch at one of the markets many restaurants that overlook Elliot Bay, or grab an espresso drink and continue your tour.
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  • the nicest market in us
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