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  • Description: The foundation of the beautiful and magnificent palace which is located directly across from La Seu consisted of sections from a Moorish fortress, which during the 14th century was built as a residence for King Jaume II. The builder was Pere Salva, who also built the castle Bellver. Portraits of Spain's royals through the centuries are hanging on the stone walls of the cave-like rooms. There is also a collection of tapestries and furniture dating back several hundred years. La Almudaina is now the second most important building on Majorca, second only to the cathedral and today it serves as the military headquarters and residence of the Spanish royal family. When the family visits Palma, this is where they stay, and then the Spanish flag outside is flown. Open: Apr-Sept Mon-Fri 10-18.30, Sat 10-14 Oct-Mar Mon-Fri 10-14/16-18, Sat 10-14 Sundays closed. Admission: €3,20, Children 0-5 years free (Wednesdays are free for all EU citizens, so remember your passports)
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  • Tolles Labyrinth aus Gemächern, Gängen und Höfen. Beindruckende Draperien und königliche Gemälde. Von der Terrasse aus gibt es einen schönen Ausblick auf den Hafen. Die Baustruktur des Obergeschosses ist teilweise noch maurischen Ursprungs. Besonders sehenswert dort: das Studinzimmer der Königin mit Blick aufs Meer sowie der Hauptsaal mit einer gigantischen Draperie.
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