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Comme un local

créé par MarcoPolo-partner il y a plusieurs années

Explorer sa destination “comme un local”, c'est voyager d'une nouvelle manière, avec des critères très personnels et des adresses pleines...

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  • night-express to volga [01:09]

  • Playa Carillo [00:48]

  • Samara [01:09]

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  • I have a set of apartments of the same quality and higher than most popular hotels in Samara. I can send you an invitation, arrange your meting at the airport and registration free (included in the rental price). Just specify the dates of your coming, your favourite cuisine and name your affordable price (mine vary from 50 to 150 USD depending on options’ quantity). The flats are very modern, have good security and are in the city center, there are Jacuzzis, Internet and all hi-tech tools there. Contact me at rsapartment [at] aol [dot] com and I’ll send you pictures of the apartments and a questionnaire form for the invitation. Be sure you can make some prepayment and have a refundable deposit given back to you at the end of your staying.
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  • Hi there, I am Dan from Australia, I have been trying to find a good hotel to stay in Samara, Samara on the Volga. I prefer ritzy places and it seems that the Renaissance Hotel suits me most of all and Holiday Inn but one thing I can’t understand especially about the latter, it concerns its overpriced rooms. Is breakfast included there? Does anyone know anything about the swimming pool? Do they have free airport shuttle for me? What is registration? May I get an invitation from the hotel?
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