Îles Togian guide

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  • où:Île à Sulawesi
  • Nom dans la langue locale:Pulau Togian

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  • This place is heaven - "wenn ich nicht hier bin, bin ich auf dem Sonnendeck - oder im Aquarium!"
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  • after all the hype about the togeans i finally got there.it looks okay BUT.we stayed at a place that had electricity from a machine only 2 hours a night.there were mosquitos everywhere.the food was inadequate for a pygmy and it was rice and a tadpole.the coral was mostly dead from fish poisoning.(people said its been mainly in the past year)fishermen were walking on the reef with fishing nets right in front of the resort.the owners were joking with them and obviously didnt care.my wife got malaria.arghhhh dont go there.we were at fadhila but to be fair there are other resorts in the togians that may be better.we left and wont be coming back
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