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  • good food. but bring some time. they don't take reservations. we came at 7:30pm and had to wait an hour to get seated. but when we told them we are in a hurry, since we wanted to see the buena vista social club show in Hotel Parque Central (don't go there!!!) at 9:30 they broght the food very quickly.
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  • I loved the food and atmosphere. remember that Cuba is a poor country but most places offer their best to locals and tourists. Los Nardos' food is cooked with the best care. Sangria is plentiful and extremely tasty.
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  • Ciao da andare assolutamente, bellissimo locale, si mangia benissimo ed e' molto caratteristico. Andare sul presto, prima delle 20,30 dopo si fa una tremenda coda. Ciao
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