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  • Macedonia. Beautiful Macedonian sunsets vol2 [04:15]

  • jeremy beadle in Thailand april/may 2006 PART1 shqiperia aze [08:47]

  • From UK to MK [09:40]

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  • Fortezza di Skopje

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    La fortezza di Skopje (in macedone: Скопско Кале) è è un imponente complesso di carattere militar...

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  • I live here, and i'm totally disappointed from review below and from the most of the photos from Skopje on this site. We have 99% covered with 3G network. Everyone has at least 2 mobile phones. Everyone has a PC home. Laptops and iPhone's are all around you. We have optical internet connection with 50mb/s from 2009. All squares, taxi, city transportation, hotels, cafe bars, shopping malls etc. have free WiFi which is relay fast. Everyone can go on holiday abroad. ... There are very beautiful places and sights to be seen. We have largest cross in the world (at Vodno mountain) Largest monument on the Balkans (central square) And tons of pure history.
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  • Ich war im April 2009 in der Nähe von Skopje. Es war ein Art Abenteuerurlaub. Hier sind viele Dinge anders, als in old Germany. Unter anderem sind noch nicht alle Häuser an die Kanalisation angeschlossen. Viele Menschen leben hier am Existenzminimum, sind aber trotz all ihrer Schicksale sehr gastfreundlich. Ich bin der Meinung, hier sollte dringend Hilfe von außen geleistet werden. Diese Mensche hier habe es verdient. Ich würde jederzeit wieder dort hin reisen.
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