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Sappiamo che non sempre è possibile visitare tutto quello che vale la pena di vedere quando si viaggia e per questo motivo la redazione d...

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  • Switzerland 2007: Luzern [08:34]

  • Enjoy Switzerland [03:36]

  • Luzern Fun Day Out 卢塞恩一日游 [08:32]

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    Lo scrittore Mark Twain diceva che i leoni di Lucerna erano il pezzo di pietra che si muoveva di ...

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  • beutiful!!! really gorjuss a fantastic city with awesome museims and restaurants.I slepped in a hotel preety good in the city centre and I had fun with friends. The hotel has got a storical city view on a river. I really reccomand this city for business people, and a person who like clean and safe areas.really beutiful!!!thank you Switzerland :)
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  • loooovvvee it
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  • Luzern was the most visually breathtaking place I have ever been to. If your planning on taking a trip to Switzerland, I highly suggest you check out Luzern. There are monuments to see such as the two wooden bridges spanning the River Reuss and the Hofkirche, which is an old monestary. Upon visiting Hofkirche, there you'll notice that there are graves lining the outisde of the church. It might seem morbid but actually its quite amazing reading about the people who are laid to rest there and thinking about how they were once living there and had a family and worked. If you climb to the top steps of Hofkirche also you'll see a very incredible view of the city. It's also important to check out the lion monument. It looks so beautiful and old carved inside the side of a mountain and looking over a small pond. the rock/monument is white and set behind all the green surrounding the are its very stunning. I suggest exploring the city. if you take trails to go higher up and above the city, the views are very beautiful. there's also an old tower somewhere on the edge of town, climb to the top! That's the best view you'll ever find of the city and you'll see in your life. To me, its on even playing field with the view you get if you climb the Matterhorn, which is a mountain in the Alps. And that's saying something. I'm 18. I'm not a frequent traveler and I've only been to Luzern once, but it was something I'll never forget.
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  • Eine Wunderschöne Stadt am See umgeben von Bergen. Richtig malerisch. Angenehme Leute tolle Locations zum Party machen. Wer in der Gegend ist sollte sich diese Stadt echt ansehen!
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