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  • To be straight forward, it is a market and you can buy all sorts of useful and unusefull things. The traders are open to negotiate their prices - go for it! The food they served seemed to be quite traditional. I liked the athmosphere of the market - at 11 pm everything is over. No one mentioned that this is a street where man could find girls for special services, I think something like this should be mentioned somewhere. Jordan Street Exit A leads you staight to the market, only follow the blue arrows .....
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  • Nothing special - just typical "market-stuff". But the place has some nice street food places closebuy. If you have been on the market, you can refesh there and eat some tasty seafood.
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  • totaler Mist, lohnt sich nicht :-(
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  • By and large a complete waste of time. 99% of the items are total crap sold at ridiculous prices. Even after bargaining the prices are too high. On top of that many of the merchants are simply rude and will shoo you away if they sense you're not going to buy. You can walk through it fairly quickly though, if for no other reason than to satisfy your curiousity.
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  • ramsch shopping
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