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  • A complete NIGHTMARE!!! BUYER BEWARE!!” The Pumphouse This is by far the worst restaurant on the island. At first glance, it seemed like a nice place. My fiance and I decided to have dinner there. I ordered the grilled fish sandwich and my fiance ordered the wings. Everything was going good until the food arrived. My fiance got his wings and I got a fried fish sandwich. I explained to the waitress (Shani) that I ordered the grilled fish. She said, "Yeah, I know, but our grill is broken." As if it was no big deal. My fiance then said it would have been nice to have known that when we place the order. I was looking forward to fresh grilled fish, not fried. I sent it back and asked for a cheeseburger instead. I didn't think my request was unreasonable. What could go wrong. What happened next was unbelievable. My fiance asked me if I wanted one of his wings. I said sure. Then I heard the bartender say, Oh, she can eat fried chicken wings, but she can't eat fried fish." Then she preceded to roll her eyes at me. I was completely shocked. My fiance went to the bathroom and told me that he could hear the kitchen staff talking about me and how I must think I am too good to eat fried fish. I guess it was my fault. I men, how dare I order grilled fish on the menu, and expect to get it. I couldn't believe it. Was my request unreasonable? When my cheeseburger came out, the patty was so small and completely charred and greasy. It was obvious that they had fried my burger. I refused to eat it and told the server (Shani) about it. She said that is how the burger comes and she was the manager on duty. I realized then that it didn't matter to them what kind of customer service they provided, gratuity was included in the bill. The service I received was unbelievable and writing this review doesn't give this experience justice. I will return to Anguilla, but never to the Pumphouse. This was by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced ever. BUYER BEWARE!!
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