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  • Zoo di Ragunan

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  • shopping wie es schöner nicht sein kannService vom besten Freundlichkeit wie sonst nirgendwo zu erleben
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  • I would like to inform you all who is traveling manly to the Gili islands, Bali, Lombok but also other islands in Indonesia that there have occured great many deaths from methanol poisoning from dinking drinks/cocktails such as Mojito and buyning spirits in minimarts. Visit our page to get more infromation at our Facebook page: and our homepage Inform yourself, warn others. Save lives!
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  • My City
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  • It took me sometime, but I certainly fell in love with this city. I came to live in Jakarta in 1992 and has spent most of my time in this hectic megapolis. It is not an easy place to travel in, but if you do a bit of research, Jakarta is actually one of the most exciting cities in Southeast Asia with very rich variety of places to visit and events.
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  • I'm biased, because I grew up here :)
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